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ShowerShelf Stainless Steel - Flag

From: $79.95


ShowerShelf Stainless Steel - Flag

Flag Design

Available aprox sizes;

12" (304mm)
16" (406mm)
24" (600mm)

24 inch only available in Brushed Nickle

ShowerShelf complements the bathroom layout and enhances the shower experience with sophisticated shelf designs.

The ShowerShelf is 304 Stainless Steel that’s Pickle-Passivated and Electro-Polished for maximum durability in humid conditions.

The ShowerShelf comes in two styles and lengths.

Design shelves as an ideal complement to illustrate the insight of your bathroom

Made of high-quality polished stainless steel

Two designs - Flag and Quadrato, which are based on stainless steel grids for gutters ShowerDrain


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