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SereneDrains Cast Iron UPC 4 Bolt Drain with Clamp Ring & Bolts

From: $72.95


Cast Iron 4 Bolt Drain with Clamp Ring and Bolts

Optional add on: Rubber Fitting or Threaded Fitting

Low Profile Bolt-Down Shower Drain

Non-Threaded with Rubber Fitting


    UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code
    Durable cast iron construction
    Black finish
    2 in. inside caulk connection
    6-1/2 in. OD pan
    2-1/4 in. overall height
    Tongue and groove cast iron bolt down clamping ring
    Weep holes on both top and bottom for secondary drainage
    Can be used with gasket to make unit no caulk
    For 2 in. IPS threaded tailpieces
    For shower applications

Can be use with any of the SereneDrains, Linear or Square, also can be used also with other drains

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