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Serene Drains Tile Insert Point 3 inch outlet by SereneDrain



Serene Square Drains Tile Insert Point by Serene Steam 5 Inch (3 inch conection)

For use with 3" Drain Pipe

Kit Include: 1. Non-Threaded Tile Insert Grate 1. Drain puller key

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Tile Insert Drains - The newest design trend in showers and bathrooms!

Installed just like tile onto existing shower flange drain.

Inside dimensions: 4.25" x 4.25"
Overall dimensions: 5" x 5"

3" outlet, tile tray depth 7/8"

The Square Tile Insert Point Shower Drains system made entirely of 316 stainless steel

The 3" shower fits all standard 3" drain flanges

Not only attractive, but with greater functionality! Easier to install than a standard drain, the tile insert point drain here is used to keep water where it should be - off the floor, keeping wet areas safe, while retaining clean bathroom lines.


  • 16 gauge 304 grade stainless steel
  • 3" diameter Central vertical outlet
  • Bodies are fully welded and leak tested prior to dispatch
  • No Screws
  • Superior Quality
  • Most Durable Finishes Available
  • Easily Maintained. No Special Cleaning

1. Finished shower floor should pitch a minimum of 1% (1/8" per foot) to the shower drain.

2. Rough in floor dimensions should accommodate for wallboard, membrane, mortar and tile such that the overall wall thickness accommodates full length of standard drain.

3. Standard drains all have outlet at center line of length and should be installed level as there is a built in fall in the channel.

With this Tile insert you will be removing the strainer (or in some cases the barrel as well) and replacing our square tile insert drain onto the drain barrel (or clamp ring). Your square tile insert drain is set just as you would set any tile. Mud into thinset mortar bed along with a flexible sealant around its perimeter.

The uncoupled connection allows a path for moisture that comes through the tile bed and grout, around our drain outlet and down through the drain base. If hard coupled this moisture has nowhere to go and the tile installation will eventually become “drummy” or hollow decreasing the quality and longevity of the install. The waterproofing method you employ is independent whether you use hotmop, membrane, paint on, or any other approved material or procedure. The slots in the sides of the drain channel lessen the rigidity of the drain to allow for expansion and contraction.

*To ensure optimal finish please measure the channel on site - All measurements +- 2mm

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