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Rubi Tile Leveling System Caps 400



Rubi Tile Leveling System Caps 400

400 Re-usable Caps

Rubi Tile Level, fast leveling system.

Ideal for laying tile that are over 12" or that require the use of an adhesive mix.

Allows for the installation of marble and granite tiles.

Virtually eliminating lippage during the hardening of the adhesive.


  • Flat surface drastically reduces the need for grinding and polishing.
  • Greatly reduces installation time therefore improving cost-effectiveness.
  • Caps can be reused up to 25 times.
  • Prevents tiles from moving while curing.
  • For tiles between 1/8" ( 3mm and 20mm ).
  • Thick with a grout joint of at least 1/48" ( 0,75mm ).

The Rubi system improves the superficial level obtained in the placement, to prevent movement between parts during the curing of the adhesive and eliminating unevenness between pieces. Its use, especially recommended for the placement of formats from 12" x 12", allow a reduction of the time of placement and thus an improvement in the profitability of the work.

Straps should be soaked in room temperature (or lukewarm) water for 2 hours or 30 minutes in hot water prior to use. Soaking is one time only; regardless of how long the straps are on hand. This increases the straps elastic strength, thus giving the straps maximum tension needed for proper installation.

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