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Roto-Wedge Spacer Large



Roto Wedges Spacers - Large

The evolution of the Wedge

For spacing thickness 1/16" - 7/8" (1.6 - 22.2mm)

Pack of 25

The wedge has been the same for ages, until now. The Roto-Wedge has evolved to be many times more dynamic and easy to use than ordinary wedges. The Roto-Wedge never hits the wall, it just rotates to give you the exact space you need. The Roto-Wedge is the solution for Tile, Masonry spacing, Wood flooring and more.

Roto-Wedge spacers were created because of the limitations of ordinary wedges, which collide with the substrate before they can be fully utilized. Because of this, Tile setters often improvise by stacking wedges, using spacers and wedges together, and even folding cardboard to get the space they need. These techniques are inaccurate, unreliable, unstable, and difficult. Worst of all, these techniques waist time and can cause job failures when they move or fallout.

The Roto-Wedge spacer design is so dynamic, It is the best solution and only product available for Masonry. Until now, Masons have used rocks, sticks, and cardboard. Masons can now get any space from 1/16 to 7/8, with unmatched accuracy, stability, and speed.

Roto-Wedge spacers provide incredible accuracy and stability because the surface of a Roto-Wedge spacer is nearly 3 inches long. This means that the Angle of a Roto-Wedge spacer is less than half as steep as an ordinary wedge, creating a flatter and more stable surface. The length of the surface also means the Roto-Wedge spacer is capable of much finer adjustments than ordinary wedges. The Curve of the Roto-Wedge allows the wedge to be continually rotated without colliding into the substrate, utilizing the entire Roto-Wedge spacer. When the work piece has set up completely, the Roto-Wedge spacer is easily removed because no matter what position it is in, it is never buried in the grout joint.

3 x space, 3 x precision, 2 x stability, 2x easier to remove, Get going with Roto-Wedge spacers!!

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