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Recycled Glass Interlock Series Mega Mist



Modern Edge Series Recycled Glass Interlock - Mega Mist

Material: 100% Recycled Glass
Sheet Size: 12" x 12"
Piece Size: 2" x 6"
Color: Mega Mist
Finish: Glossy
Backing: Mesh

Mosaic tile made from 100% recycled glass powder sourced from used windows. A new glass firing technology mixes glass power and glaze color and fires the tile at over 2000 degrees F. The tile is acid and alkaline resistant and can be cleaned with any detergent. No sealing is required. A white modified thinset is recommended.

Our ever popular 2 x 6 interlocking format is back by popular demand. This interlocking pattern with a skinny reverse bevel has been improved and four well sought after colors have been revived. Made with 100% recycled glass powder, the glass and color glaze are mixed together and fired at over 2000 degrees, making the material durable. It has 0% water absorption, making it usable in many applications. This new glass firing technology has decreased color variation, and made the product stronger and lighter.

Recommended Substrates:

  • Properly cured mortar beds-ANSI A108.1B (cured a minimum of 7 days).
  • Cementitious backer units (CBU)-ANSI A118.9.
  • Concrete slabs cured for 28 days minimum.
  • Gypsum board (dry areas only)-ASTM C1396 or ASTM C1396M-04.
  • Note: An ANSI A108A-2.1.8 membrane is required behind all CBU installations in wet areas.
  • Note: All glass, foil backed glass, stainless steel and copper metal, aluminum, resin metal and blended element products must be set a minimum of 8”away from any naked flame.

Note: The colors may slightly very from batch to batch and sheet to sheet.

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