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Raimondi Water feed system for Power Raizor - TCPWRWF



Raimondi Water feed system for Power Raizor- TCLF45DB

Wet cooling device to be used in combination with POWER RAIZOR and BC45.

  • Blade cooling with water grants:
    1) Complete suppression of dust;
    2) Better cut finishing;
    3) Quicker cut.
  • Both adjustments onto tap and onto spraying nozzle allow a perfect cooling with a minimal amount of water.
  • To be used only in combination with cordless (battery operated) angle ginders and/or corded models having rating
    IP 54* or any higher.
  • Can be used with any cutting position/angle (45°/90°/180°) .
  • Carry tank capacity of 8 litres (1,75 gal) with relief valve.

*Safety Regulations may vary from Country to Country. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to refer & comply to the legislation in force on the Country where the products is being used.

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