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Raimondi Vacuum Suction Cups for Easy-Move - TCLFVSCGCB



Raimondi Vacuum Suction Cups for Easy-Move

Kit of two (2) vacuum suction cups with Vacuum Gauge for Easy-Move large format frames. Can be added onto the crossbars for a full-frame.

Easy- Move Futures;

  • Lightweight and easy to transport devices that give the maximum versatility thanks to the adjustable extension so to adapt to tiles sizes to handle them.
  • Maximum tile/slab length: 10.5' minimum 3.3' in order to handle slabs with a shorter length, it is suggested to separate the two profiles and use just one of them.
  • Made up of two pairs of aluminum profiles connected each other so that they can slide one over the other, it is available both with crossbars (8 suction cups in total) and without crossbars (6 suction cups in total).
  • The suction cups units can slide along the aluminum profiles in few moments thanks to the “quick lockrelease” handles system.
  • Suction cups units are free to tilt/pivot (+/- 1.25°) so to adapt to the tile and therefore to provide the maximum grip in every situation. This is particularly useful for textured tiles.
  • Equipped with “vacuum” (pump) suction cups Ø 6" with vacuum gauge, perfect for textured tiles. Built with special stain-free rubber (grey color), which does not leave stains on the tiles.
  • Stain free 6" vacuum suction cups (8 total) with Gauge make it perfect for smooth and textured tiles.
  • The “vacuum” (pump) system allows to restore or increase vacuum while suction cup is still attached to the tile.
  • The vacuum gauge precisely indicates when it is needed to restore the vacuum.
  • Sliding/telescopic handles (with “quick lock-release” handle system) to make the use of the product the most ergonomic as possible and to optimize the installation on wall. Equipped with anti-slip and stain-free rubber point.
  • Crossbars are equipped with quick lock-release system and with safety hooks for extra security.
  • Pair of crossbars and suction cup units for crossbars are available as accessories.
  • Available as accessory a kit of 4 double grip handles to maximize ergonomics when the device is used by four operators.

HANDLES Along with suction cups double handles can be fitted onto the profiles for easier carrying.

SUPPORT Supportive 'feet' can be unfolded from the crossbars to provide extra security and hold for large format tiles and slabs.

LIFTING Easy-move provides easy lifting, the TCEMFF8V full frame is fitted with two handles on each profiles. Double handles (TCEM4DGH) are available for extra stability.

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