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Raimondi Supports Cylinders - TCWBK20SC



Raimondi Supports Cylinders - TCWBK20SC

Quantity of 20

Polypropylene supports. Supports keep slabs lifted off aluminum surfaces for a stable worktop. These help perform cuts with angle grinder in every direction without touching the aluminum worktop of the Work Bench.

Width: 3.3' to 5' (100cm to 150cm) Length: 5.9' (180cm) Height: 32-3/4" (83cm) Maximum load capacity of 331 lbs. (150 Kg.)


Support Cylinders lift any material that is being worked on the bench by 2.25". Easy to twist on and secure. Can be placed anywhere on the worktop.

The Support Cylinders are used on the Modular Work Bench with grooves in profile.


Fast and easy installation. Support Cylinders are inserted into the groove. Tighten easily by rotating each support into place.


The supports hold tiles and slabs 2.25" above the aluminum work top. This makes it easy for cuts and angle cuts without worrying about scratching the Work Bench.


The work area is elevated for easier maneuvering.

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