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Raimondi Sprintbeton Mortar spreader With Transformer VSMSB



Raimondi Sprintbeton Mortar spreader With Transformer VSMSB

For screeding mortar base (dry pack) or sand and vibrating of tiles into mud beds

Supplied with: 2 aluminum strait edge bars 70 7/8" and 82 5/8", 2 steel shims 78 3/8" (VSPASQ), 1 mortar spreader 20" long, and 1 transformer from 110 Volt to 42 Volt

Orange plate # 211 (optional for vibrating tile after installation)

Essential is to eliminate the air that can remain below the slab once installed. If not removed, once the adhesive set, the air will create a vacuum that will make the slabs subject to breakage. For this we have developed the compact vibrator Volpino and the hand tile beater with rubber bottom

  • Two vibrating speeds of 8,200/9,800 rounds per minute.
  • The screed bar can be replaced with an optional roller assembly to vibrate tiles into the mud bed.
  • Low voltage motor assembly: 42 Vol 50/60Hz


Spread and tame the sand with VSPASQ the aluminum bar and its steel shims.


Use the VSMSB assemble to screed the sand into an even leveled layer.


The sand should be all leveled, now the shims can slide out of position.


Motor Single Phase - 50/60 Hz
Voltage 110 - 42 Volt
Motor power 90 W
High Vibration frequency motor Rpm: 9800
Weight 61.1 lbs

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