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Raimondi Raizor Heavy Duty Cutting Off Pliers TCLFPLT



Raimondi Cutting off Plier for thick Tiles (up to 3/4" - 20mm)

Flat Breaker With Square: Allows larger breakage space, this is recommended for starting the cut on thin tile 1/8" to 1/4".

Rounded Breaker With Square: Allows higher pressure focused on a specific point, this is recommended for starting the cut on thick tiles 1/4" to 1/2".

Free Flat Breaker: Applies pressure for cutting strips of maximum 2", this is recommended for helping the breakage along line on thick tiles (up to 1/2") after having already started the cut from both sides with the Rounded Breaker.

The unique design has a pressure screw which allows maximum pressure applied with minimum effort, it also applies progressive and fine adjustment to avoid shocks to the tile. This is very important when cutting thick tiles and when performing critical cuts on thin tiles (1/4" / 1/2" thickness).

Another important feature of this plier is that you can regulate the gap between the 2 rubber pressure-pins ,allowing adjustment to the cut you are performing.


  • Optional cutting-off pliers for cutting tiles with a thickness from (1/4" - 3/4"
  • Useful in case a very precise cutting is needed.
  • These pliers do a progressive and balanced pressure.
  • Designed to be used both to extremes as well as along the side of the slab/tile.
  • Use in association with the Raimondi Free-Cut Cutting System for cutting large tiles or slabs.

.Raimondi Raizor System- VIDEO

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