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Raimondi Power-Vacuum kit for Easy Move - TCLFPVKIT



Raimondi Power-Vacuum kit - TCLFPVKIT

Power vacuum kit for all easy move

Power-Vacuum Kit: vacuum circuit device to connect and simultaneously engage up to 8 vacuum pump suction cups

The kit includes:

  • The main unit with battery and vacuum pump (to be fastened to the frame via the provided strap)
  • Vacuum nozzles to be fitted into suction cups by replacing the pistons
  • Polyamide pipes
  • protective padded carry bag (provided with both handles and shoulder belt)
  • service kit
  • User’s and Maintenance manual


  • Vacuum circuit device to connect and simultaneously engage up to 8 suction cups designed for EASY-MOVE handling frames (only those equipped with vacuum suction cups; any version)
  • Simply by pushing a button, the vacuum level is raised on all suction cups connected to the circuit, saving a significant amount of time compared to manual engagement
  • Should a suction cup loose its adhesion or a pipe being accidentally damaged, the remaining cups will stay engaged
  • The device is suitable with any version of EASY-MOVE handling frame equipped with any ver-sion of Vacuum suction cups. With or without crossbars
  • The device is compact in size and weight 6.4 lbs (2.7 Kg), it does not affect the handling performances of the EASY-MOVE frame
  • Battery powered (38.5 Wh): long working span and long life

POWER - 38.5 Vh

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