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Raimondi Portable Saw Machine GS86



Raimondi Portable Saw Machine GS86

Cuts Porcelain, Ceramics, Marble, Granite and more.

Include: Turbo blade Ø 4 1/2" for tiles, 5 abrasive discs for polishing/sanding, key kit, dressing stone, user and maintenance manual.

The Raimondi GS86 Portable Saw Machine is suitable for cutting porcelain, single- and double-fired tiles, marble and granite. It is capable of making straight, 45° bevel cuts, square and round knockouts and will also sand or polish. Cut length is unlimited and maximum cut thickness is 1 inch (single-pass) or 2 inch (double-pass). The blade is cooled via a heavy duty pump. A turtle-shell cover helps to prevent damage when not in use. Supplied with a turbo disc for tiles, 5 abrasive discs for polishing/sanding and a dressing stone.


  • For cutting porcelain, single-double fired, marble, granite. Straight, 45° bevel (Jolly) cuts, square e round knockouts, sanding/polishing.
  • Unlimited cutting sizes, for a maximum tile thickness of 1"
  • Maximum thickness of cut: 1" in single pass; 2" in double pass.
  • Maximum disc: Ø 4 1/2"; smallest blade: Ø 4". with arbor size of 20mm, blade rmp 7,000
  • Gear ratio of motor to disc 1 ÷ 2.1. Drive belt type Z90.
  • Precise plunge cuts, where blade is cooled down by a heavy duty water pump.
  • Side system for beveling at a 45° angle.
  • Turtle shell cover helps to prevent damage when not in use.
  • Sanding disc on the side for 100 grit sanding pad.
  • Size 18" x 18" and Diagonal Cut 24" x 24"
  • Fits blade size of 4"- 4 1/2" with arbor size of 20mm. Blade rpm of 7,000
  • Motor 1 hp Belt drive with 3,360 rpm
  • Weight 55Lb

Bevel - The GS86 performs beveling at 45° angle. The beveling option is located on the side of the machine for easy access after cutting a tile.

Plunge - Plunge cuts can be performed using the spring-loaded metal work top. the work plate can be unhinged and level with the blade, by pressing down on the plate the blade is revealed and able to plunge cut. Perfect for knock-outs!

Sand - A sanding disc is located on the opposite side of the beveling. Perfect for smoothing out angles and sides of tile after cutting.

Replacement - 100 grit sanding disk available for the WSGS86, applied easily using Velcro attachment.

Precision - cutting attained by this compact machine will let you performs straight, diagonal, square or round cuts.

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