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Raimondi MkIII Work Bench plus version 2 - TCWBPLUSMK3



Raimondi BM180 Plus MkIII – Adjustable Modular Working Bench with Folding Legs - TCWBPLUSMK3

Expandable Width Connectable Work Bench 6' x 3' to 6' x 5' for large format

Work Bench BM180 Plus MkIII is the NEW widening table. Used with Large Format tiles and tools, the table extends in width by 5' (150cm).

The Aluminum profiles are movable to adjust the width or the size between each profile.

Width: 3.3' to 5' (100cm to 150cm) Length: 5.9' (180cm) Height: 32-3/4" (83cm) Maximum load capacity of 331 lbs. (150 Kg.)

The steel structure and the worktop made of anodized aluminum guarantees sturdiness and stability. The legs are provided with adjustable rubber feet. The table also comes with adjustable aluminum profiles to avoid interfering with diamond disc if cutting tile/slabs with angle grinder or drilling holes.

  • BM 180 PLUS MkIII is a variable width table designed to be the perfect workstation for large format tiles up to 160 cm (5.3’) and to be easy to transport.
  • Stable and robust thanks to the proportions and dimensions of the legs and crossbars as well as an effective leg clamping system.
  • With few simple movements, the width of the worktop can vary from a minimum of 100 cm (3.3’) to a maximum of 150 cm (5’) with intermediate steps.
  • In order to obtain an optimal worktop for any chosen width, the aluminum profiles are easily movable.
  • When changing the width of the table the legs move as well, therefore they always maintain the optimal position to guarantee the maximum stability and strength of the bench at any chosen width.
  • The length of the top is 180 cm (5.9’). Connect two tables together to obtain a worktop of 360 cm (11.8’) in length (and variable with from 100 to 150 cm – 3.3’ to 5’). This feature makes the BM180 PLUS MkIII the perfect workstation for slabs of any size.
  • When in minimum width position, the bench is compact and easy to transport and store. Its folding legs make it even more practical.
  • The leg closing system has been completely redesigned to allow a very quick and easy closing of the legs.
  • Feet allow for a 60 mm height excursion providing much more freedom to set table height as desired (min 80 cm; max 86 cm); by rotating the lower ring-nut you adjust the height (no tool needed), by tightening the upper ring-nut you lock the foot in the desired position.
  • Being the anodized aluminum profiles (which make up the worktop) spaced and movable, it is possible to perform cuts with angle grinder and diamond blade without damaging them. Moreover, the special tile-support-cylinders (available as an accessory) create a gap between the tile and the worktop allowing to perform cuts with angle grinders in every direction without damaging the bench.
  • The steel structure and the worktop made of anodized aluminum profiles assure maximum strength and stability.
  • It possible to eventually add extra aluminum profiles (accessory).
  • It is possible to add an extension (optional – Art. 394CP270APLUS) to lengthen the working bench of 90 cm (tot. 270 cm).


  • Width: variable/adjustable from 3.3’ up to 5’
  • Length: 1 bench 5.9" (180 cm) ; 2 benches combined 11.8" (360 cm)
  • Height of the worktop from the ground: from 80 cm (31 1/2″) to 86 cm (34”);
  • Maximum load capacity: 150 Kg (331 lbs)
  • Wide range of accessories available.


  • The steel structure and the worktop made of anodized aluminum profiles guarantee sturdiness and stability.
  • NEW slats extend for a wider work bench
  • Adjustable feet for perfect leveling
  • Guaranteed sturdy and stable work area
  • Easy to disassemble and once not mounted it has small dimensions. This make it easy to transport.
  • Easy to mount (about 10 minute).

Raimondi Work Bench Plus VIDEO

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