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Raimondi Fluid Mixer With Paddle - MXFMS



Raimondi Fluid Mixer With Paddle (no Drill) - MXFMS

Fluid Mixer for mixing tile adhesives, pre-mixed, paint, self-leveling, premixed, cement-based grout, thinsets, grout, mortar, floor screed, plasters, concrete, quartz plasters, epoxy resins and more.

Works with our Mixing Drill - (MXDRILL)


  • Raimondi Fluid Mixer With Paddle - MXFMS
  • 20 Gal bucket
  • Mixing paddle (14M)
  • User manual.


  • Mixing fluid materials
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Rubber wheels and dust-free cap
  • Mounted with a universal attachment for drills and mixers
  • Swivel wheels and inclinable bucket which allows to pour the mixture uniformly.
  • Universal attachment for drills/mixers from 1 9/16" - 2 3/8".
  • 3 spirals mixing-paddle 5 1/2"
  • Stem length: 26 25/32" screw attachment 14M.
  • Buckets capacity: 20 gal of mixed material 34/45 lbs of dry (still to be mixed) material.
  • Size 24" x 26" x h 37 1/2"
  • Weight 61.7 lbs

ANGLE - The MXFMS flips over from an upright position all the way to 180° Can be fitted with a conveyor for fluid mix special bucket.

EASY POUR - In one maneuver an easy pour can be attained with the rotating machine. With its handles the mixer can be rotated until an even pour is attained.

SPEED - SPEED Dual rotation speed accessible at the base of the head.

SWITCH - Variable speed switch positioned on the inside of the handle for easy access while the machine is gripped in use.

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