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Raimondi Fido Ergonomic Support - LTHGS



Raimondi Fido Ergonomic Hand Grip Support - LTHGS

"Fido" is a hand grip offering support while applying adhesive on floor surface. Reduces fatigue, lower back issues, less twisting on vertebra and on the area where using it will create less disturbance on the adhesive bed and will expand capacity.


  • Red brick dressing stone.
  • Reduces fatigue, lower back issues, and twisting on vertebra.
  • Less disturbance on the adhesive bed which expands the capacity of laying the tile on a larger surface area.
  • Made of sturdy die-cast aluminum with rubber inserts.

FIDO Able to work with a trowel in one hand and support your body with the hand grip "FIDO"

Comfortable, stable and safe support during the operation of spreading adhesive, placing, adjusting, cleaning of tiles, etc.

Thanks to the ergonomic design the weight of the body is distributed in an optimum manner relieving fatigue and increasing the working area range of the operator thus reducing installation time.

Particularly useful for laying large format tiles.

It comes with 4 white removable rubber feet (ant-slip and anti-stain): “FIDO” can be used (without feet) on adhesive already spread on the floor without disturbing the adhesive bed or (with feet) on installed tiles.

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