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Raimondi Easy-Move 150 with 4 Suction Cups - TCLF150B4VG



Raimondi Easy-Move 150 Profiles with 4 Vacuum Suction Cups - TCLF150B4VG

EASY-MOVE with VACUUM SUCTION cups and VACUUM GAUGE: for handling large format tiles up TO 10.5’ length


Made of two pairs of aluminum profiles and a total of four(4) suctions cups, the Easy-Move 150 can be used in many different configurations.

Quick lock-release handle system has been redesigned and improved for reliable security. The suction cups are free to tilt and pivot at +/-1.25°


  • Pair of Handling device for large format tiles/slabs up to 4.9" long
  • Fixed length aluminum profiles.
  • Equipped with 4 vacuum suction cups (2 on each profile), perfect also for textured tiles/slabs
  • Vacuum suction cups (with die-cast aluminum body) feature vacuum gauge and stainfree rubber, both very easy to replace in case of need, as well as a corrosion-resistant vacuum valve
  • Vacuum cups with gauges that feature the pump-system.
  • Suction cups can be used on textured tiles and tilt to adapt to eventual bending and guarantees the perfect grip.
  • Four (4) sliding handles with non-slip and stain-proof grommet for best ergonomics and handling.
  • Handles are equipped with soft rubber grip.
  • Combine with the Easy-Move crossbars with quick lock-and-release system.
  • Maximum safety thanks to the vacuum gauges (placed in protected position) which constantly indicate the vacuum level inside the cup. The pump system allows to restore/increase the vacuum level at any time with the suction cup engaged
  • Each vacuum suction cup can be easily repositioned along the entire length of the aluminum bars
  • Tilting suction cups (+/- 3,5°) to adapt to the eventual bending of the slab and to guarantee the perfect grip in every situation. This feature is particularly useful for textured slabs
  • The 4 sliding handles provided with non-slip and stain-proof grommet result in best ergonomics and handling even for wall install
  • It can be used in combination with EASY-MOVE crossbars, easy to be assembled and disassembled, thanks to the quick lock-release system and with safety hooks for extra safet

UNIT NET WEIGHT - 22.9 lbs

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