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Raimondi Drill Mixer - MXDRILL



Raimondi Drill Mixer - MXDRILL

Mixing drill for fluid mix, mixing tile adhesives, pre-mixed, paint, thinsets, grout, mortar, floor screed, plasters, concrete, quartz plasters, epoxy resins and more.

Works on our fluid mixer machine (MXFMS)


  • Raimondi Drill Mixer - MXDRILL
  • Ø 5-1/2" paddle 3 spirals
  • Wrench kit
  • User manual.


  • Two variable speeds: first speed 180-460 rpm.; second speed 300- 700 rpm.
  • Dual rotation speeds with electronic speed control.
  • Double spiral mixing paddle included
  • Ergonomic design (included handles provided with rubber inserts for optimal grip).
  • Button for permanent run.
  • Externally accessible brushes for greater serviceability and longer motor life.
  • Mixing paddle with screw clutch M14.
  • Attractive self-explaining packaging.
  • 11.5 ft neoprene cable.
  • Bullnose run 47 1/2"
  • Motor 1.5hp - 110Volt / 60Hz - 1.400 Watt;
  • Weight 10 lb

RUN BUTTON - Permanent run button placed on the bottom side of the right handle for better access of the hand when using the machine.

DESIGN - Ergonomic handle design with rubber inserts for optimal grip and comfort and rubber inserts for optimal grip.

SPEED - SPEED Dual rotation speed accessible at the base of the head.

SWITCH - Variable speed switch positioned on the inside of the handle for easy access while the machine is gripped in use.

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