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Raimondi Double Spacers dual size 300



Raimondi Double Spacers - Removable and reusable dual size (joint) spacer - 300 Pack

Grey color 1/32" (1mm) & 1/8" (3mm)
Red Color 3/32" (2mm) & 3/16" (5mm)

Double ensures both perfect joint size and parallelism of the tiles

Dual size (joint) spacer designed for easy removal after use.

Pack of 300

  • Easy to Install
  • Easier to Remove
  • The use and removal of this spacer does not damage the product or the tile. Making it possible to reuse on other installations.
  • Designed to work parallel to the tile and not in cross sections. This ensures maximum effectiveness especially for larger tiles.
  • The back of the Double is flat for the product to be used flush to the floor, corner or wall. This enables for easy installation especially vertically.
  • Made of plastic material that is uncompatible with adhesives (thin-set) for easy extraction of the spacer.
  • Reusable - The Raimondi Double Spacers are durable and washable plastic for easy cleaning.
  • One of the two facets of DOUBLE is flat so to allow the product to be used flush to the floor as well as into corners. This is particularly helpful for wall covering.


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