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Raimondi Corner Protectors for Transporting Tiles- LTCP4



Raimondi Corner Protectors for Transporting or Handling Tiles- LTCP4

Corner protectors used when transporting or handling individuals tiles.

Pack of 4

  • Protects tile corners from shock or breaks.
  • Suitable for tile of thickness from 18" (3mm) to 1/2" (12mm) thickness. one product basically covers all large format tiles thicknesses.
  • For Large Format tile.
  • Corner protector studied mainly for large format tiles but suitable for all kind of tiles. Even for glass or other materials.
  • Very important when handling large format tiles to avoid potential damages to the most delicate parts of the slab (the corners indeed – and the edges).
  • Inserting the product on the corner is easy and fast.
  • Once inserted, it firmly remains into position, thanks to a clip that maintains its support on the corner.
  • Sold in 4 pieces blister.
  • Made of sturdy plastic material.
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