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Raimondi Bulldog Back-Finisher - BDSABF



Raimondi Bulldog Back-Finisher - BDSABF

Single and dual head bullnosing machines.

Standalone Back-finisher Bulldog; side extensions and trolley are included.

The Bull-Back Finisher solves the problem of most porcelain tiles having textured relief on the back or factory edges around.

When cutting tile with a wet saw the tile ends up with an uneven texture on the back or bottom of the tile. Two options are provided with the Back-Bull finisher.

Most of the porcelain tiles have a textured relief in the back. When there’s the need to install a tile with exposed edge (being the edge just straight or half bullnosed) the texture would remain exposed requiring heavy use of grout to try to hide it. Bull-Back-Finisher solves this problem since it is designed to remove the tile back-texture in the area close to the edge of the tile.

Include; Sliding table 31" or 47" - Dressing stone - Wrench kit - User manual


  • Back-Finisher solves the problem of textured relief on the back of tiles.
  • Removes the back texture of the tile.
  • Stand Alone Back-Finisher (BDSABF) comes with side extensions as well as trolley.
  • Back-Finisher (BDCBF) can be connected to Dual-head bulldog machine (BD2WD).
  • Back-Finisher cannot be connected to automatic versions of the Single or Dual head bulldog.
  • Use with BDW45RF wheel (not included.)
  • P114TOK05A rail to connect back-finisher to dual-head bulldog.


• The removal of the back-texture can be parallel or 45° according to the diamond wheel in use.• When working with 45° diamond wheel the machine removes a thin layer of "back-tile-texture". The result is a clean area (free from back-texture) close to the edge of the tile. In this way just a layer of material is removed resulting in a very thin joint once the tile is installed.
• When working with 90° diamond wheel the machine produces a small 45° bevel on the back of the tile-edge. This allows to remove the tile back-texture creating a joint (bigger or smaller according with the depth of the bevel) once the tile is installed.
• Heavy duty water pumps provides superior wheel cooling.


Size - 65" x 29 1/2" x 3 3/8"
Weight - 160.9 lbs.
Bullnose Run - 47 1/4"
Tile Width - 24"
Equipped with a 1.5hp, 110 volt, - 60Hz. motor the Stand alone Back-Finisher Bulldog.

45° WHEEL Using the Raimondi 45° diamond wheel, continuous rim, the removal of back texture on tile can be parallel when removed.

IN ACTION The 45° diamond wheel (BDW45RF) seen here in the Stand Alone Back-Finisher Bulldog.

45° - 90° BACK-BEVEL Using the Raimondi 90° diamond (BDW90F) the back tile texture can be removed. The removal of the back texture can be 45° (or a micrbevel).

IN ACTION The Raimondi 90° diamond wheel (BDW90F) seen here in the Back-Finisher-Bulldog for connection in line.

CONTROL Magnetic splash guard (transparent), seen here on the right of the photo, keeps any splashing or debris away from the operator. Adjustable pressure wheel keeps the tile down and moving in the correct direction.

CLAMPS Clamps can be used with the Bulldog back-finisher when in-line with the Bulldog machine.

ADJUSTING The knob on the back of the machine adjusts the depth of the cut being made. As the wheel wears down the height can be adjusted for a longer life span.

BACK-FINISHING This tile shows what the back-finisher is capable of in terms of a smooth finish. Making the laying of the Bullnose tile easier.


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