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Raimondi Berta Advanced Grout Cleaning Machine - SMBERTA



Raimondi Berta Advanced Grout Cleaning Machine - SMBERTA

Electro sponge for cleaning grout (cement based or epoxy resin) from floors: Terracotta, porcelain, double-fired and single-fired tiles, marble, clinker, porphyry, natural stone, quarry tile, treaded tile, etc. during the grouting phase.


  • Berta Advanced Grout Cleaning Machine - SMBERTA
  • Sponge roller for cement based grout (brown)
  • Anti-foaming liquid 3.5 oz.
  • User and maintenance manual.

The Berta Advanced Sponge Machine works great for cleaning grouts from tile and stone surfaces, sanded, un-sanded and epoxy based grout. Great for medium to large areas.


  • Does not pull grout from the joints. Easy handling, suitable for use even in small areas.
  • Performance: 1000 s.f per hour for medium difficulty surfaces (800 - 1500 s.f. per hour in general).
  • Sponge rollers can last from 1600 - 21000 s.f.
  • Moisture level of the sponge roller is adjustable via the pressure adjustment lever. Easy-to-use pressure adjustment lever also adjusts the front wheels.
  • Easy-to-replace sponge roller thanks to the magnetic "quick clutch" system.
  • Water is fed to the roller via a foam-reducing belt (no pump to clog up).
  • The handle folds down for transport or storage, and its ergonomic design are fully adjustable for height and angle according to the user(s) needs.
  • Die cast aluminum body reduces weight while increasing overall strength.
  • Easy-to-remove water-tank 4 gal. is made of impact resistant plastic to reduce breakage.
  • Size 25 3/8 " x 21 5/8" x h 20
  • Voltage 110 V 60 Hz
  • Motor 0,16 CV / 0,12 kW - RPM 3360


Voltage 110 V 60 Hz Single Phase
Motor Chain driven motor 0,16 CV / 0,12 kW
RPM 3360
Weight 64 lbs
Size 25 3/8" x 21 5/8" x h 20

SINGLE PASS - The BERTA is a single pass cleaning machine that used a belt drive to keep the sponge wet, rather than a pump which can clog.

FOLDING - The BERTA folds down on hinges located on the bars leading up to the handle. This process is easily achieved

REPLACE SPONGE - Easily replaceable sponges are changed by pulling the pin out from the side, changing the old sponge for the new one and replacing the pin in its place.

DISASSEMBLE - When taking apart the sponge, shows in the photo, that there are only three parts (besides the machine) that are used.

SPONGE PRESSURE - Sponge pressure is adjusted in the front of the machine. This is also where the anti-foam liquid is kept while in use.

SPONGE BUMPER GUARD - The Sponge guard is used to keep and even stable pass in the one-pass maneuver. Also helpful in keeping the sponge from bumping into any objects or wall.

WATER TANK - The water tank, also equipped with wheels, is easily pulled out from the back for an easy clean up. Easily fill the tank with clean water and dump the used water out when done.

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