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Raimondi A Frame CART ADV

CART ADV - Cart for transport and storage of large format tiles and handling devices

Cart come with two height adjustable hooks for holding T-MOVE or EASY-MOVE frames. Allow for easy and safe application of adhesive to the back of the tile (back buttering).

The storage side of the cart includes 2 height adjustable rubber supports as well as telescopic safety hooks to prevent two or more slabs from slipping or failing.

Both sides of the cart include wooden plate supports with rubber edges for safe support of large format tiles.

Two of the four wheels have breaks to prevent the cart from accidental moving.

Lightweight thanks to the design and aluminum components, very strong with maximum load of 551 lbs.

  • Cart designed for transport and handling of large format tiles (for instance 3200x1600x h 6mm - 10.5’x5.25’x h
  • It allows to easily and safely apply adhesive in the back of the tile (“back-buttering”). For this purpose it comes with two height-adjustable hooks for holding our frames “T-MOVE” and/or “EASY-MOVE ADV with crossbars” (devices for handling large format slabs) with the slab fasten on them.
  • Furthermore, one side of the cart can be used as storage for the transport of one or more slabs
  • On the storage side there are 2 height-adjustable rubber supports, to prevent any accidental damage to the slabs as well as a telescopic safety hooks (which can be adapted to the dimension of the slab) to prevent slabs to fall.
  • Both sides are provided with wooden plans supports.
  • Wooden plans with rubber edges on both sides of the cart provide safe support for large format tiles. Two of the four wheels are provided with brakes so to prevent the cart to accidentally move.
  • CAM ADV is light thanks to its design and the aluminum components.
  • Maximum load: 551 lbs. (250 Kg).

note: the T Move system is designed for applying to slabs while they are on a firm base and in a horizontal position. Downward pressure should be applied to the vacuum cups when pumping them to create the suction. The system is not designed to be applied to tiles in the vertical position, such as when they are on an A Frame, however once correctly applied on the horizontal, the slab can be gently lifted onto the vertical position, checking the vacuum cups periodically that they are maintaining suction.


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