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Raimondi 14 inch Tile, Brick and Block Saw WSSA80



Raimondi 14 inch Tile, Brick and Block Saw

Wet saw for cutting porcelain, ceramics, marble, granite, brick, paver and more.


  • Raimondi WSSA80 14" Tile, Brick & Block Saw
  • 14" Segmented Diamond Blade
  • 2 x 45-90 degree Square Guides
  • Wrench kit
  • Dressing Stone
  • Bottom Drain Plug
  • User Manual

Raimondi WSSA80 Large Trolley Wet Saw is for cutting ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble, granite, bricks, cement, etc. The WSSA80 saw is built rugged, lightweight, and portable for use on any job site and has folding legs with wheels for easy transportation. The WSSSA80 easily cuts tile and brick and supports the optional Foot Plunge Pedal (sold separately). Saw measures 44" x 30" x 31-1/2" and weighs 170 pounds.


  • Tilting motor assembly for 0° - 45° bevel.
  • Plunge cut head.
  • Removable water basin.
  • Collapsible legs with wheels for easy transport.
  • For cutting ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble, granite, bricks, cement, etc… Straight and 45° bevel (Jolly).
  • Maximum length of cut: 31 1/2".
  • Maximum width of cut: 23 5/8".
  • Maximum thickness of cut single pass: 4 3/4"; double pass: 6 5/8".
  • Aluminum framework.
  • Adjust depth of cut manually or by foot operation with pedal.
  • Maximum blade: Ø 350 14"; minimum blade: Ø 12".
  • Belt driven system optimizes motor torque and cutting capacity. Gear ratio of motor to disc 1,4 ÷ 1. Drive belt type poly V.
  • Heavy duty pump and jet nozzles provide superior blade cooling.
  • Motor capability of 2.2 hp
  • Removable polypropylene tank for easy cleaning. Capacity: 10 Gal.
  • Trolley is provided with anti-overturning device and locking system for safe and easy transport.
  • Trolley equipped with 8 adjustable pulleys (double bearings).
  • Steel made replaceable trolley guides.
  • Telescopic legs provided with safety device.

TILT - Tilting motor assembly head from 0° to 45° for beveling.

PLUNGE - With trolley table equipped with eight (8) adjustable pulleys containing double bearings, it is easy to execute a plunge cut with the stationary head.

BASIN - Removable plastic water basin underneath the trolley table. Can be removed from the end to discard of the water and debris.

MATERIALS - Rust proof aluminum framework. Includes: 14" blade, dressing stone, wrench kit and user manual.

TRANSPORT - Easy transportation when legs are retracted. The provided wheels on the machine can be used to move the machine around the job site.

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