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Quartz Linear Drain Water activated SplashLight



Quartz Water activated SplashLight

Water activated LED illumination through the grate, plumbing connectors and outlet sieve.

Include: LED light packs, charging unit and power cord

SplashLight is an LED emitting shower accessory designed to be concealed and long-lasting. Water activated color changing LED’s complement a bathroom’s ambiance with minimal setup and maintenance; all you need is an ACO ShowerDrain Premium ShowerChannel and Grate.

ACO SplashLight contains two low-voltage battery-operated LED units which fit directly into the ACO ShowerDrain Premium channel grating. These units will illuminate once they come in contact with water and will come off approximately two minutes after the shower is turned off.

Using the programming software called Picaxe, follow the simple steps in the programming instructions to switch between multiple light colors. The following colors are readily available following our programming instructions below:

Getting Software Picaxe (Programming Software)
1. Go to
2. Click software on the top menu bar
3. Click PICAXE Editor 6
a. Note: There may be an updated version of the PICAXE editor with a different number
4. Under downloads, click the PICAXE Editor 6 (main installer)
5. Once complete, click open download and follow instructions to install program


Ambiance is an atmosphere for relaxation and opulence. Quality shower head manufacturers have brought light to a water source, QuARTz introduces light to the point of water exit.
An optional upgrade to a QuARTz shower channel is the LED light feature that is activated once the water is turnedon and turns off seconds after the water flow stops.

  • Suitable for all grate designs except tile
  • Automatically illuminate when in contact with water
  • Light kit consisting of: 2 x rechargeable LED packs 1 x 110V UL rated low voltage charger

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