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Quare Design Shower Wall Panels- Slate Texture Graphite

From: $1,090.00


Quare Design Shower Wall Panels- Slate Texture Graphite

Available sizes: 83" x 36" and 83" x 30" Pure White and Graphite

Made of resin and Dolomite stone

At Quare Design we offer elegant and design decoration solutions for the bathroom. We are specialists in solid surface products, and manufacture in Spain. Bespoke products is our standard.

We differentiate ourselves by unique textures and large products. Our solutions are easy and quick to install. They are intended both for the hotel and residential market, for new construction and renovation.

Analysis of Quare material

  • Anti-slip Class C property according to DIN 51097/1992
  • 2 Years warranty.
  • Quare Material. Resin + mineral fillers.
  • Cut to size. It can be cut on site.
  • High Coating UV resistance.
  • Installation: embedded (suitable for people with reduced mobility) or raised. Please consult the installation manual.
  • Product available in Solid White, our uncoated Natural White.
  • SUPERIOR HARDNESS coating (<0.01 mm. according to UNE EN 14688; maximum allowed 0.1 mm).
  • Coating with excellent resistance to hydrolysis.
  • Packaging in reinforced cardboard with wooden structure.
  • Anti-bacterial treatment R<2 ISO 22196.

Analysis of Quare material

Quara Coating

  • Composition: Bicomponent: hydroxylated resin cross-linked with aliphatic isocyanate
  • Properties Thermostable
  • High resistance to chemicals Class C slip resistance (PN 24)
  • Antibacterial treatment: R>2 (JIS Z 2801)
  • UV resistance according to EN 927-6: 2006 (colour fastness, i.e. no discolouration of white).
  • The main difference to acrylic is the thermostability of our product, i.e. it cannot be deformed by heat. Acrylic shower trays are made of heated acrylic sheets that are shaped by thermoforming, whereas Quare products are shaped by a polymerised liquid that is then poured into a mould.


- Composition:

  • Microparticles of dolomite, polyester resin and additives.

- Properties:

  • Made of resin and Dolomite stone
  • Very hard and stable material, similar to granite.
  • High material density
  • A thickness of 25 to 30mm, which guarantees low noise transmission
  • Thermal deformation of the product is impossible
  • The back of the shower board is flat, which gives the possibility to install it on a flat floor, on a wooden frame or on quare feet.

IAPMO compliant CSA B45.5-17/IAPMO Z124/2017

Quare Design Shower Pan Specification and installation procedure


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