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ProMelt Snow Melting Control Kit PM-L3



ProMelt Snow Melting Control Kit PM-L3​

The PM-L3 kit provides the best combination of efficiency and automated operation. This control combination reduces the cost of snow melting by operating at the lowest possible temperature to melt snow & ice.

* A ContactorPro panel is required to provide power for the mats, cables and control.

Snow/Ice Sensor 090 (In slab, w 65 ft cable)
Snow/Ice Sensor Socket 091


  • Easy-to-use touchscreen control
  • Surface-mounted snow/ice sensor with socket
  • Outdoor temperature sensor


The Snow/Ice Sensor 090 is an in ground sensor used with Watts Radiant snow melting controls 653 and 654, and some tekmar snow melting controls to automatically detect snow or ice on a driveway or walkway. The snow/ice sensor has 65 ft (20 m) of wire. This product can be used in applications ranging from residential driveways to commercial building fronts such as emergency access entries. This sensor allows the above snow melting controls to automatically operate the snow/ice melt system only when snow or ice is present, while also providing slab temperature feedback to the control.

The Snow/Ice Sensor Socket 091 is designed to provide a mounting solution for the Snow/Ice Sensor 090. It is intended to be installed directly into a concrete slab when the slab is poured, so that the 090 can be installed into it once dry.

SnowMelt Snow Melting Control PM-L3 Installation Guide

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