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ProMelt Snow Melting Control Kit PM-L2



ProMelt Snow Melting Control Kit PM-L2​

Snow Sensor 095

The PM-L2 kit provides automatic start and timed stop operation for an electric snow melting system. A ContactorPro panel is required to provide power for the mats, cables and control.


  • Easy-to-use touchscreen control
  • Pole-mounted snow sensor
  • Outdoor temperature sensor


    The Snow Sensor 095 is an aerial mounted sensor that detects falling snow and allows a Watts Radiant Snow Melting Control 653 or 654 to automatically start the snow melting equipment. System stop is provided by the control's timer or by manual disable. The Snow Sensor mounts to a nominal /2" (6 mm) metal or PVC conduit or pole. The sensor is well suited to adding automatic start to an existing snow melt system.

    ProMelt Snow Melting Control Installation Guide

    SunTouch 25 years Warranty


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