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ProMelt Rain n Snow Sensor Controller PM-2C



DS-2C Rain/Snow Sensor Controller


Automatic Activation means Lower Deicing Costs
Reliable Rain and Snow Detection
Full 30A @ 240VAC Control
Field Strap for 100-120/200-240 VAC Operation
Replaceable Precipitation Sensor
Easy Installation, Full Access to Electronics
8 Different Functions, 1 Part Number
Adjustable Temperature Trigger Point
Adjustable Delay Off Cycle
Selectable Low Temperature Cutoff
Smart "Manual On" Operates for One Delay Off Cycle
High Power, Low Price!

PM-2C Specifications
Dimensions 4¾"(120) x 7"(178) x 2¾"(70)
Weight 2 Lbs. (0.9 Kg)
Operating Temperature -40oF to +185oF (-40oC to +85oC)
Enclosure Rating NEMA 3R
Supply Power 100-120VAC/200-240VAC Field Selectable 15W maximum
Trigger Temperature 34oF-44oF (1.1oC-6.6oC) Field Selectable
Delay Off (Sensor) 2 Minutes
Delay Off Controller) 30-90 Minutes Field Selectable
Load Contact Capacity 30A @ 240 VAC/100,000 operations minimum at full load
Monitor Contact Capacity 24 VDC/VAC 400mA 10W total

Wiring is performed by terminating your existing wiring to the pre-installed pigtails. The DS-2C is mounted by either attaching the mounting hub to a rigid 1/2" or 3/4" conduit or by installing screws through the four mounting tabs provided

The PM-2C can be powered from either a 100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC 50/60Hz source. Peak power consumption is 15 watts. Voltage selection is performed by installing provided jumpers onto the printed circuit board. The unit provides a single 240VAC @ 30A normally open load contact set. This contact set is paralleled with a low power contact set to provide remote activation monitoring.

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PM-BC Controller Spec and Installation Manual

SunTouch 25 years Warranty


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