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ProClean Sulfamic Acid Crystals



ProClean C-Clean 985


  • Removes Grout Film, Efflorescence and other reside from Grout and Masonry Surfaces
  • Non- Fuming in Solution
  • Mix with Water only


Concentrated crystals that mix with water to make a mild acid cleaner. Safe for use on colored grouts.

Areas of Use

Use ProClean to safely clean cement grout residue from ceramic tile and remove grout haze and effl orescence.


Do not use on marble or other polished stone. Some highgloss glazed tiles may etch when in contact with ProClean. It is recommended that a small area be tested prior to use.


Mix solution in a plastic container using clean, warm water. Don’t mix in metal container. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. For general use mix 1 lb. (.45 kg) container of ProClean with 2-1/2 gallons (9.46 L) of water.


Saturate tile, concrete, masonry or grout with clean water prior to application. Apply solution to wet surface and scrub with a nylon bristle brush. Work in small areas. Flush with water immediately after brushing. Do not use repeatedly or surface damage may occur.

C-Clean is a sulfamic acid based product developed to safety clean cement grout residue from ceramic tile,C-Clean is also an excellent cleaner to remove effloresecence from masonry surface.


Close container after use. Keep any remaining product in original container.

A granular product that is mixed with clean water.

ProClean solution produces a safer and better alternative over muriatic acid for cleaning tile and grout surfaces.

ProClean does not produce toxic fumes, damage chrome or steel surfaces, bleach or burn grout joints, and does not cause hazardous or corrosive transport, handling or storage problems.

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