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Premium Diamond Stone Polishing Kit



Premium Diamond Stone Polishing Kit

Complete 5 pieces Kit - Polish stone and remove surface stains

5/8" arbor fits standard Grinder & polisher

Set Include; 100g, 200g, 400g, 800g and 3000

Diamond impregnated polishing pads!

Wet or Dry

  • Flexible
  • Aggressive
  • Color Coded
  • Can be used on granite and marble
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed


1. Thread the attachment Pad onto a Variable grinder or polisher with a 5/8" arbor.

2. Select coarse grit and connect to attachment Pad using backer surface..

3 Wet or dry polish stone with grinder set between 1000-3500 RMP, use a circular sweeping motion.

4. When surface is as smooth as possible, simply remove pad from backer attachment pad and replace with next highest grit and repeat,

5. Move up through grit strength until desired polish s achieved.

Achieve a high Gloss Finish with the addition of a separate 3000 grit diamond pad

Do not exceed 3500 RPM (1000 - 3500 RPM recommended)


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