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Porcelain Tile Lacava - Khaki

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Porcelain Tile Lacava - Khaki

Designed for multi-environment use ideal both outdoors and indoor

Price per sq. ft

SIZE Thickness Sq. Ft Per Box PEI
13.4" x 13.4" 7/12" 12.49 SQ FT 4
18" x 18" 7/16" 13.13 SQ FT 4
6.7" x 6.7" 7/16" 8.72 SQ FT 4

Warm, beautiful, and natural, Lacava emulates quarried slate with pronounced clefts and hollows that give a layered and structured appearance.
The Twin-Pressed process heightens the natural look: A second stamping thoroughly presses detailed gradations and nuances of color and texture into the body, creating unequaled slate-like realism.
Lacava offers very low, easy maintenance and long-lasting appearance. It's many times more durable than slate, and the longevity means less impact on the environment.

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Break strength 431

Glaze Hardness: 8

Shade & Texture Variation Random

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