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Porcelain Mosaic Tile Penny Rounds - Rustic Sunset



Porcelain Mosaic Tile Penny Rounds - Rustic Sunset

The Chameleon series has been custom designed to coordinate with a wide assortment of existing Maniscalco colorways. Modeled after Japanese Raku pottery, each color is made of a single fired reactive glaze. The colors are compared to a Chameleon, with a non predictable uniqueness. Available in both penny rounds and hexagons with four colors each. Each glaze, with a distinct aesthetic pull a variety of colors forward. From tropical blues and greens to rustic golds and soft neutrals, each color allows an abundance of options to discover.

Sold by the sheet.

Sheet Size - 10.25" x 11.75"

Material - Porcelain
Interior Residential Wall - YES
Interior Residential Floor - YES *Light traffic
Shower Wall - YES
Shower Floor - YES
Fireplace Surround - YES
Exterior Wall - YES
Exterior Floor - YES
Pool / Waterline - YES *NO
Backsplash - YES
Sealing Required - NO

*Applies to color Opal due to the glossy finish

Water Absorption - .04% - .09%
Abrasion Resistance - C1027-19
Scratch Resistance - 3
DCOF - > 0.42

You can cut this product with a regular stone blade. No sealing required.

Note: The colors may slightly very from batch to batch and sheet to sheet.

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