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Pebbles Series Leaves Series - Woodland Blend



Pebbles Series Leaves Series - Woodland Blend

Material: Stone
Sheet Size: 12" x 12"
Piece Size: Random
Finish: Honed
Backing: Mesh

Leaves mosaics on mesh backing. Create features or cut down to use as borders.

Suitable for floor, walls, kitchen splash back, wet areas, exterior frost-free zones etc.

Note: Due to the characteristics of natural stone being porous, it is always recommended to seal natural stone. This will lower the risks of staining and will make it easier to clean using suitable cleaning products.

Installation Instructions

Recommended Substrates:

  • Properly cured mortar beds-ANSI A108.1B (cured a minimum of 7 days).
  • Cementitious backer units (CBU)-ANSI A118.9.
  • Concrete slabs cured for 28 days minimum.
  • Gypsum board (dry areas only)-ASTM C1396 or ASTM C1396M-04.
  • Note: An ANSI A108A-2.1.8 membrane is required behind all CBU installations in wet areas.
  • Note: All glass, foil backed glass, stainless steel and copper metal, aluminum, resin metal and blended element products must be set a minimum of 8”away from any naked flame.

Setting Materials & Methods:

Setting material requirements will vary dependent upon the type of mosaic product being installed and the nature of the substrate.

  • Advice on the appropriate setting materials should be sought from your tile and stone dealer at the time of purchase.
  • Only use setting materials that meet or exceed TCNA guidelines
  • Only use an accredited licensed contractor experienced in the art of installing mosaic products.
  • Setting methods must conform to the TCNA guidelines.
  • Always cut the Victoria Metals with finished side down. During the cutting process, feed the aluminum product through the blade at an extremely slow speed to avoid grabbing.

Do not cover/protect the Victoria Metals with adhesive tape of any kind.

Note: Grout Selection:
The use of sanded and some premixed urethane micro glass bead enhanced grouts may cause damage to scratch sensitive surfaces. Always check with your Stone and Tile Dealer, Setting Contractor or Grout Manufacturer before selecting the grout type. is not responsible for any damage to the tile surface due to incorrect grout selection or incorrect grouting procedures.

Recommended Substrates:

  • Sealing prior to grouting is recommended for all stone mosaics.
  • Glass (see note below), Stainless Steel, Antique Copper and Aluminum mosaics do not require sealing.
  • Note: Pre sealing prior to setting is necessary when installing Barossa Valley Crystal Glass.
  • Note: Only use water based sealers with Sydney Harbor Metals.

Be sure to order enough tile for your entire job. Over-estimating the square footage on a project will allow for unusual shapes, miscalculations and broken tiles on the job. Recommends manufacturer a minimum of 10% wastage allowance

Using an enhancing sealer will darken the color of these stones!

We recommend sealing with a penetrating sealer prior to installation.

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