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OSB Side Discharge Shower Drain Cast Brass - SD372

From: $239.00


OSB Side Discharge Shower Drain - Cast Brass

Compact 90 degree shower drain

2" Cast Brass - by default its include stainless steel grate

Project pricing available

Converting a bath tub to a walk-in shower

Low Profile 2" Brass Side Discharge Shower Drain for preformed shower bases.

No muss, no fuss, no broken up concrete.

Available ABS, PVC and Cast Brass

Available Grates: stainless steel, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, Glossy White,


  • Low profile ABS round thread-in Flange
  • Cast Brass Underbody
  • 2" Copper DWV Hub Connection
  • Round 4-1/4" Screw-in
  • cCSAus meets UPC Certified*

Side Discharge Shower Drain Installation Instructions

• Remove existing 60” x 30” bathtub.
• Remove existing bath waste and overflow
• Leave existing P-trap in place.
• Purchase an ‘above floor’ rough-in shower base.
• Install the Side Discharge Shower Drain on to the ‘above floor’ rough-in shower base.
• Install 2” ABS, PVC or copper horizontal drainpipe into the Side Discharge Shower Drain
• Drainpipe will now be above the floor using the ‘above Floor’ rough-in shower base.
• Using a 2” x 1-1/2” reducing 90-degree elbow, simply tie back into your existing p-trap.
• No chipping, coring or rebar x-raying required!

*The "cCSAus Meets UPC" mark means the product conforms to the requirements of the NPC, UPC, IPC and IRC

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