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Non-Programmable SunStat Control 500675 SB



SunStat Control Non-Programmable Model 500675

Floor Temperature Controls


  • Face Size: - Width 2 7/8" - Height: 4 9/16" - Depth: 13/16"
  • Overall Size: - Width 2 7/8" - Height : 4 9/16" - Depth : 1 3/4"

The SunStat Non-Programmable control also include:

  • Remote Control
  • Floor Sensing Control
  • Class 2 Insulated Setback
  • 15-amp (resistive) relay output
  • SmartStar Technology

Nonprogrammable SunStat are recommended For a smaller Spot Warming mats.
This device uses a floor sensor to maintain the precise temperature you select for your tile.

The new Non-Programmable SunStat is both elegant and intelligent.

Features include a floor sensor that directly senses floor temperature.
Build in 15-amp Relay for up to 150 sq. ft. of 120-VAC mats or 300 sq. ft. of 240-VAC mats; built-in ground fault protection with no need for a separate GFCI (in most code areas); large, back-lit digital display; temperature range of 40 to 104F; temperature display in F or C; on/off switch; 12 or 24-hr. clock.

Watch the VIDEO how to Install and program your Thermostat

Owner’s Manual Non Programmable SunStat Control 500675

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