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Non Metallic Plastic CableTrowel

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Plastic Non Metallic CableTrowel

Size: 3/8" x 3/8" notched.

This Non-metallic trowel is specifically designed for use with electric floor heating systems.

  • Dual edged for use with bonding and floor tile adhesives
  • Excellent for installing radiant floor heating elements
  • Non-conductive plastic blade and handle
  • Won't rust or corrode; easy to clean
  • The CableTrowel 3/8” x 3/8 notch size is suitable for larger tile.
  • The CableTrowel Is lighter and easier to use than metal.
  • The Cable Trowel cleans up quickly, Mortar washes off easily and it will never develop rust spots.
  • Metal trowels can become razor sharp over time and the edges are a danger to electric heating cables.
  • The CableTrowel blade is made of durable ABS plastic so it’s safer to use around heating elements.
  • The CableTrowel is lightweight, but tough enough for commercial use.

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