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Microfiber Micro Wet Scrubber Pad Blue



Microfiber Micro Wet Scrubber Pad Blue

Streak Free Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaning

Microfiber Cleaning Pad with effective cleaning strips that cut through dirt and grime. Electrostatic action attracts dirt and absorbs it.

Use Wet Dry or as Applicator

Can be used for cleaning Stone, Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl and more

Been use with hardwood Cleaners application.

Size: 18"

Microfiber pad Feature

  • Heavy Duty Velcro Style pad
  • Special deep cleaning strips
  • Use dry to attract dirt, micro particles, and common household allergens
  • Use wet with Hardwood and Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaners for effective non-toxic cleaning
  • Professional Grade
  • Machine washable
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