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Metal Tile Trim Naturals - Polished LimeStone



Metal Tile Trim Naturals - Lime Stone

Size - 6' Long x 1/2"

Edge your stone tiles with a natural tile trim. The muted colors serve to enhance the look of the tiled area and co-ordinate perfectly with the natural colored grout.

This trim is the perfect complement to your modern kitchen or bathroom.

How to Fix

  1. Select the right size for the thickness of your tile
  2. Cut to length
  3. Bed firmly so adhesive penetrates the cut out section
  4. Place tiles flush with leading grout and adhesive using a soft damp cloth within 5 minutes of application        NOTE: abrasive based cleaners are not recommended.

Trims and seals provide solutions to baths and showers in both functional and decorative finishes.

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