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Limestone and Travertine Stone Dialy Wash



Limestone and Travertine Stone Wash Concentrated

Daily Wash for Your Natural Stone Surfaces

Black Diamond Stoneworks’ Limestone & Travertine Stone Wash is a safe, biodegradable deep cleaner for all honed or tumbled natural stone. Special cleaning agents lift dirt from the pores of the stone without damaging the surface or diminishing the natural color.

This acid-free formula is gentle enough to be used everyday, yet tough enough to remove the deepest stains. With regular use, Stone Wash reduces the dusty appearance, helps develop surface patina, and makes the colors of your stone surfaces more vibrant and vivid.

  • Safe and Easy to Use! Just Mix and Mop
  • Quickly Removes Dirt and Grime from Tile and Natural Stone
  • Will not Remove Stone Sealers
  • Perfect for Natural Stone Floors
  • Safe and Gentle- pH Natural Formula Contains no Harsh Solvents and is Acid Free!
  • Intended For Cleaning; Limestone, Travertine, and More!
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