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Innovative Stone Gloss - Gallon



Innovative Stone Gloss - Gallon

High Gloss Floor Finish

Stone Gloss is a synthetic blend of high gloss polymers, leveling agent and drying solvent. Stone Gloss contains a new generation polymer that is chemically programmed to keep the finish shining brighter and wearing longer. This product resist scratching and gives the floor an exceptionally long wear life.

Stone Gloss Floor Finish sets a completely new standard for floor finishes. It can be used on slate and other rough textured and extremely porous stone and masonry surfaces as well as all resilient floors Vinyl asbestos, Asphalt tile, Vinyl sheet, Tile, Rubber, Reinforced vinyl and Linoleum.

Pad Suggestions:

Natural fiber pads are preferred for burnishing. A tan, beige or light blue synthetic pad can also be uses.


1. Clear the area to be finished of all movable object.
2. Sweep the floor clean of loose dirt and debris.
3. Apply stripper and remove all old wax and floor finish. Repeat if necessary
4. Rinse the floor as thoroughly as possible and let dry.
5. Work with clean equipment and broom or microfiber mop on a thin coat of finish. Allow to dry thoroughly (at least 30 - 45 minutes) before applying another coat.
6. A minimum base of 2-4 coats is recommended.


Sweep daily with a dust mop or cloth. Clean with neutral pH cleaner with mop bucket or automatic scrubber. Light cleaning will remove surface soils and stains and maintain gloss and color. Dry buff or burnish with white pad after cleaning to obtain a wet look.

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