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Innovative SB Stone and Grout Sealer - Gallon



Innovative SB Stone & Grout Sealer - Gallon

Solvent based Penetrating Sealer

SB Stone & Grout Sealer is highly effective solvent-based impregnating sealer formulated to help protect your stone surfaces from water and oil born stains. This sealer provides an invisible barrier resistant to stains, while allowing the surface to properly breathe. SB Stone & Grout Sealer is a solvent-based, siloxane, impregnating sealer. Always test a small area to check for desired outcome.

All natural stone should be sealed with impregnating sealer to protect the surface of the stone from oil and water stains. Sealing your grout stops dirt and grease from soaking in and staining the grout.

What it does: Protect your stone and grout from water and oil born staining.

Use for

  • All natural stone surfaces
  • Cement based Grout
  • Interior/Exterior


1. Apply evenly using brush, roller, cloth, sponge, or sprayer.

2. Buff dry any excess sealer that does not penetrate within 3-5 minutes with an absorbent towel or carpet bonnet.

3. Highly porous surfaces may require a second or third application to give full protection.

4. Wait a minimum 1 hour between applications.

Cure Time: May be opened for foot traffic in 2 hours. Achieves a full cure in 24 hours

Limitations: Surface temperature must be between 50 and 90 F (10 and 32 C). Recommended surface-protect. May Darken some materials.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.023
pH (conc): n/a
Flash Point: <180F>


This product is intended for Industrial and institutional use. Although this is a mild chemical agent, It can cause irritation to eyes and skin. Avoid contact by wearing protective devices such as safety glasses and rubber gloves. If contact to eyes or skin, flush with water for 10-15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
Always read the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional precautions before using this product.

Innovative SB Stone & Grout Sealer - MSDS

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