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HeatMatrix Uncoupling Membrane Underfloor Heat Membrane - Roll



HeatMatrix™ Uncoupling membrane Underfloor Heating Membrane - Roll

Roll = 161 Square Feet - Membrane height 0.24” (6 mm)

For fast, easy installation of wire electric floor heating

WarmWire® HeatMatrix™ uncoupling membranes provide the ultimate protection of your tiles and underfloor radiant heating system from damage caused by moisture or water vapor and floor movement.

Manufactured from a flexible material, HeatMatrix is an easy-to-install underlayment providing uncoupling properties for tile, water proofing for the subfloor, and a simple installation of heating wires.

WarmWire® HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane from SunTouch® protects your tile investment while offering a fast, easy method of installing WarmWire electric heating cables. Rest assured, stepping onto a finished tile floor installed with WarmWire and HeatMatrix will guarantee warmth and durability for many years to come.

HeatMatrix offers installers and DIYers many first-class features and benefits:

  • Less rollback memory to allow for faster, flatter setting during installations
  • Multiple wire-spacing options for various heat outputs and flexibility during installation
  • Compatibility with modified thinset
  • Waterproofing and vapor management*
  • Durable, lightweight uncoupling with sheer stress control

* HeatMatrix is a great choice in concrete applications and where moisture or water vapor is a concern. Polypropylene construction provides a barrier against surface water while deep grooved channels allow evaporation of moisture from below the membrane.

HeatMatrix also comes equipped with a unique Vapor Management system designed with built-in tunnels to swiftly alleviate water and prevent mildew and mold formations.

Water-resistant and highly durable, HeatMatrix is designed to work most effectively with WarmWire floor heating cables.

  • Roll = 161 Square Feet
  • 3- and 2-shape spacing = 14.8 W/ft2
  • 3-shape spacing = 12.3 W/ft2 (Standard spacing)
  • 3- and 4-shape spacing = 10.6 W/ft2

Versatile heating cable capability:

Spacing can be adjusted to match floor and room heating needs.

Alternate between 2" and 3" (5 and 7.6 cm) spacing for high heat loss areas or between 3 and 4" (7.6 and 10 cm) for lower heat loss areas. 3" (7.6 cm) spacing is the standard.

Where can HeatMatrix™ be installed?

• On structurally sound subfloors or concrete under tile, stone, or laminate. Include both heated and unheated areas to provide full coverage for crack-isolation and waterproofing.
• For areas exposed to surface water, use HeatMatrix Joint Strip to seal the gap between rows of membrane.

How is WarmWire® installed?

• To install WarmWire within the HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane, simply press the wire into the channels provided.
• After securing, WarmWire must be embedded in a polymer modified thinset mortar before the floor covering is installed.

How much HeatMatrix do I need?

Calculate the total wall-to-wall area of the room. Subtract the square footage of spaces that will not be covered with tile or stone to get the total HeatMatrix area required.

HeatMatrix Info Sheet

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