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HardiBaker Carbide tipped scoring knife



HardiBaker Scorning Knife

The Hardibacker carbide tipped scoring knife is a professional grade scoring tool designed for heavy duty use.The carbide blades will significantly outlast ordinary scoring blades, providing you with superior results and greater ease of use.


195mm It's ideal for scoring 6mm Hrdibacker250 and the 12mm hardibacker500. It also can be used for laminates, roof tiles, fiberglass and roofing shingles. This all purpose tungsten carbide cutting blades. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest man-made materials. Each blade is braised to a rigid steel shank, to form a unique cutting edge that will score almost anything.


Score board using a straight edge, then score again on the same line penetrating the board. Apply upward pressure while holding the sides of the board. The board will snap clean and straight along the score line.

Helpful Hints

Use a straight edge with line cuts; it will give you superior, accurate results.


Always wear the necessary eye, ear and breathing protection when using this tool

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