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Grout Sealer Applicator Bottle

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QEP Grout Sealer Applicator

  • 12oz Bottle with two rollers
  • For sealers or dyes
  • For silicone or acrylic sealers
  • Make sealing grout easier and faster
  • Wheel evenly applies sealer to grout joints with no excess on tile

Complete with two wheels

Use the 1/8” wheel for mosaic and tightly spaced floor tiles

The 1/4” wheel is perfect for larger grout joints

How to use

1. Remove cap.

2. For silicone or acrylic sealers use cap as is.

3. For thick dyes or colorant remove red valve from underside of cap.

4. Fill bottle 3/4" full, Hold bottle slightly squeezed ad replace cap.

5. Very lightly squeeze bottle while rolling wheel along grout joint.


Applicator work best if there is suction in the bottle… to get proper suction started, simply squeeze some air from the bottle before inverting

Stop squeezing 3" - 5” before you reposition bottle for next pass. 9 This prevents overloading of absorbent wheel which can cause dripping when moving from joint to joint and/or heavy application upon wheel contact in next grout joint.)

Practice roller use on cardboard or other disposable surface ( not newspaper) before attempting use on grout joints.

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