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Glaze N Seal Poultice Paste Deep Paste Remover - 1 lb



Glaze N Seal Poultice Paste Deep Paste Remover - 1 lb

Deep stain remover for all stone and masonry. Remove wine, coffee, tea, smoke & other stains

Ready to Use Advanced Stone Care

Glaze `N Seal Poultice Paste is a ready-to-use wet poultice requiring no mixing or measuring. The Poultice Paste consistency allows easy application to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Poultice Paste may be used for outdoor or indoor application. Poultice Paste may be used on polished or unpolished surfaces without fear of discoloration or etching.

Uses: On all types of hard surfaces including ceramic tile, vinyl, no wax floors, saltillo tile, brick, masonry, marble and other natural stone surfaces. Use also on walls, sinks & countertops.


  • The Glaze `N Seal Poultice Paste is used to remove stains that are set deep into the stone.
  • Eliminate stains resulting from substances such as wine, coffee, tea, smoke, urine, and some oils.
  • Creamy paste form for easy application.
  • Environmentally responsible formulation. Nor harmful fumes or noxious odors.
  • Appropriate for interior and exterior use.
  • Will not harm adhesives or grouting materials


• Apply 1/8" to 1/4" of Poultice Paste poultice in a uniform coat over stained area to encompass an area slightly larger that actual stain.
• Cover the poultice with foil or plastic wrap and tape down borders.¥Allow poultice to remain covered for 12-24 hours.
• After this period, remove covering and poultice (a slightly improved result may be obtained by removing the covering only and allowing the poultice to dry prior to removal).
• Inspect for any remaining stain and repeat procedure if necessary.*
• Clean thoroughly with Glaze `N Seal Stone Cleaner.

• After removal of poultice, the stone may appear darker due to excess moisture content. When the stone dries, possibly over several days, the darkening will disappear.
• * for stronger stain removal action, apply household beach to the stain area prior to applying the Poultice Paste

APPROXIMATE COVERAGE - Poultice Paste will cover 2 square feet per pound




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