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Glaze N Seal Neutralizing Rinse Quart



Glaze N Seal Neutralizing Rinse Quart

Fast and easy way to neutralize acid residue from concrete, masonry, stone, tile, brick, and grout before sealing surface. It restores proper pH balance to improve sealer bond ability. Phosphate free concentrate mixes with water to make ten gallons of rinse. The benefit is the sealer will bond better to the surface, reducing the likelihood of sealer failure. Also, is effective cleaner.


Use on all Concrete, Brick, Tile, Stone and Masonry when acid has been previously used in cleaning or etching process. It may also be used as an alkaline cleaner for soil removal.


  • Prevents acid/sealer failures
  • Makes up to 10 gallons of solution
  • Effective cleaner
  • Phosphate free. Environmentally responsible

Application Procedure as Neutralizer

1. Dissolve 3-5 ounces per gallon of warm water. (For large project, 1/2 container per 5 gallons of water).
2. Flood surface or apply liberally.
3. Allow to stand 1-5 minutes.
4. If necessary, surface may be scrubbed to remove any stubborn stains.
5. Remove with wet vacuum, mop or sponge.
6. Thoroughly rinse with clean water.
7. Allow surface to dry (at least 24 hours) before sealing.

As Cleaner

1. Dissolve 8-10 ounces per gallon of water.
2. Apply to surface.
3. Scrub to remove stubborn stains.
4. Remove solution, rinse and dry.

When using acid, the acid rinse water can be neutralized by adding Neutralizing Rinse prior to septic or sewer disposal.


Contains sodium carbonate and sodium sesquicarbonate. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. In case of eye contact, flush freely with water. If swallowed, give water and call a physician.


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