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Glaze N Seal Heavy Duty Cleaner Kit



Glaze 'N Seal Heavy Duty Cleaner Kit

Use on plain concrete, any decorative concrete, unglazed tile, stone, masonry and brick

Kit include :

1. 18" Aluminum commercial grade swivel mop
1. 32 Oz of Concentrate cleaner will make up to 16 gallons once diluted.
1. Tile & Grout Scrubber Microfiber pad
1. Spray Bottles & Nozzles, Tough plastic bottle marked with ounce and milliliter measurements.

Coverage: As a heavy duty cleaner diluted product is capable of cleaning up to 10,000 square feet of surface. As a wax stripper up to 5,000 square feet.

Swivel & Pole Feature:

  • Universal handle adapter
  • Made for industrial & Commercial use
  • 360 degree motion
  • Sturdy Riveted Assembly
  • 3.5" Metal pin Swivel
  • Pole expend from 28" -70"
  • Pole 2mm aluminum tubing thick

Microfiber pad:

  • Course Polyester bristle strips for grout cleaning (black)
  • Microfiber fabric for tile and stone (gold)
  • 18" microfiber

Glaze 'N Seal Heavy Duty Cleaner

Glaze ’N Seal Heavy Duty Cleaner, Stripper and Degreaser is a concentrated, industrial strength product that removes difficult grease, oily residue and even waxes and polishes from all types of hard surfaces.

The powerful formula contains a complex balance of powerful detergents, surfactants and cleaning solvents that create an extremely effective all purpose cleaner, degreaser and wax remover.

It easily strips old wax buildup and cleans heavy soiled areas, preparing the floor for restoration or the application of floor finishes.

  • Versatile Heavy Duty Cleaner, and Degreaser
  • Fast Acting Alkaline Cleaner
  • Non-Ammoniated
  • Easy Cleanup
  • No Fumes or Odor

Use on plain concrete, any decorative concrete, unglazed tile, stone, masonry and brick

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