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Eclipse II General Purpose Diamond Blade 5



Alpha Eclipse II 5" General Purpose Diamond Blade

General Purpose Diamond Blade for Stone Fabricators

High End General Purpose Blade for Granite

Perfect for your Stone Tile Application,

Can be used Wet or Dry

Arbor - 7/8"

Maximum RPM - 1200

Alpha® Eclipse II has no equal when comparing price to

Alpha® Eclipse II is ideal for general purpose use on common building materials such as masonry, concrete and tile.
Alpha® Eclipse II fits on most of the angle grinders and wet stone cutters commonly found in the stone and construction industries.
Similar in design to Alpha® Plus, Alpha® Eclipse II is versatile and will cut tile, brick, block, concrete, slate and natural stone accurately and cleanly.

Tile installers, masons and general contractors will find Alpha® Eclipse II proved to be a reliable blade that will meet the challenges of cutting modern building products.

Alpha® Eclipse II is cost-effective, long lasting and provides consistent results without chipping.

Best for cutting:

  • Tile
  • Block
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Brick
  • Natural Stone

How to use

Mount the Alpha® Eclipse II blade onto the appropriate power tool designed for the blade diameter:

5” diameter blade will fit the Alpha® AWS-125 or 5” Angle Grinders.

When mounting the blade onto the power tool, make sure the blades directional rotation matches the spindle rotation of the power tool.

Step cutting is recommended to enhance the life of your blade.

Always make sure the power tool’s safety guard is mounted onto the tool. If the blade doesn’t fit with the safety guard on the tool, you’re probably using the wrong size power tool.

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