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EasyHeat Radiant Warm Tiles DMC 140-250 sq ft



EasyHeat Radiant Warm Tiles DMC 140-250 sq ft

EasyHeat's Warm Tiles® Electric Floor Warming Cable for Uncoupling Membrane is the easy-to-install, reliable solution for your floor warming project.

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  • 240 Volt only

Coverage Area & Spec

Sq. Ft @ 2.4" O.C. Sq. Ft @ 3.6" O.C. Cable Length. Amperage Draw
140-165 212-250 785 11.8

The Warm Tiles DMC indoor floor warming system delivers the ultimate comfort for your finest residential and commercial flooring.

EasyHeat products have extremely low EMF and such levels are comparable to standard household products such as televisions, mobile phones and refrigerators


  • Easier and quicker to install than conventional floor warming mats
  • Energy efficient
  • Standard spacing cables are spaced 3 channels apart and provide 12 watts per square foot.
  • Dense spacing cables are spaced 2 channels apart and provide 18 watts per square foot.
  • Can be installed directly over concrete or plywood
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art heating cables, hardware and electrical controls for an economical and long lasting floor warming system.
  • Designed for use inside residential and commercial buildings of standard North American construction.
  • The heating cables can be installed at 2.4" or 3.6" spacing depending on the desired wattage output.
  • The warming electric heating cables are CSA Certified for use in both the U.S. and Canada.

Only at Lowest Price Guaranteed on EasyHeat flooring systems For radiant floor heating systems,


  • 120 Vac and 240 Vac
  • Indoor environments
  • Floor thermostat recommended, such as programmable or non-programmable models by EasyHeat
  • Surface preparation and installation should be conducted in accordance with local Electrical and Building Code
  • Finished floor should be installed according to the Tile Council of America for installation in the United States, or the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada for Canadian installation

The cable was specially designed to be used with all available uncoupling membranes, so installation couldn’t be simpler. Cable can be laid directly from the spool to the membrane in whatever configuration you need, and its thicker diameter guarantees a secure fit. And once the cable is installed, tile installation is easy: no self-leveling or scratch coat is required.

Warm Tiles DMC are designed for today's most popular floors

Easy Heat DMC Uncoupling Membrane Installation Instruction

FGS Programmable Thermostat Installation Instruction

Warm Tiles® Electric Floor Warming Cable for Uncoupling Membrane is warranted for 15 years against defects in materials and workmanship.

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